What A Home Inspection Won’t Tell You About A Metro Detroit Michigan Property

In general, home inspectors do a very thorough job, examining things during a home inspection that most of us would never dream of looking at. After all, they have 1,600+ items on their inspection checklists. Still, despite that thoroughness, inspectors don’t and can’t look at everything. Here, then, is what a home inspection won’t tell you about a Metro Detroit Michigan property.

Roof Condition

Yes, a major component of a home inspection in Metro Detroit Michigan is a careful examination of the condition of the roof – when it is possible for the inspector to safely make that examination. Most of the time during the course of an inspection, the inspector will get up on the roof to take a look at shingles, flashing, gutters, and so on. But under certain conditions, inspectors won’t go up on the roof.

If a roof is not less than three stories high, if it is too steep, or if it is iced over, the inspector will likely not get up on the roof for a close look. So in a case like this, the home inspection may not reveal the true condition of the roof, which is a big-ticket item when it comes to repair and replacement. You may then have to hire another inspector who specializes in roof inspections.

Ground Underneath

Home inspections are mostly just what the name says: inspections of the actual home and not much else. Most of the time, inspections don’t extend to the ground underneath the home, that which supports the house. So if you have concerns about the structural integrity of the ground the home sits on – for example, whether it is shifting or tilting or has sinkholes or a high water table – then you will probably have to hire a geotechnical or structural engineer to make that determination. And they don’t come cheap: thorough and deeper soil investigations can run as much as $3,000 to $5,000.

All Electrical Outlets

Yes, a home inspection in Metro Detroit Michigan does include electrical outlets, but not always all of them. In general, what inspectors look at includes only those things that are easily observable and that they can easily access. So if there are electrical outlets behind heavy furniture, the inspector will probably not risk a back injury to look at them. In fact, it happens that inspectors don’t investigate an important item like an electrical panel if it is blocked by furniture or appliances.

Wells and Septic Systems

You would think that a home inspection in Metro Detroit Michigan would definitely include things as important as wells and septic systems. But that’s just not always the case – usually only if wells and septic systems are common in the area and then for an additional fee of about $150. Otherwise, separate inspections by qualified inspectors will be needed. Typically, a good inspection costs about $250, and a septic system inspection around $200. But these are usually not part of a standard home inspection.

Swimming Pools

Typically, a home inspection for a Metro Detroit Michigan property does not include swimming pools. The inspector may turn on pumps and heaters to see if they work, but, usually, the inspector does not evaluate the pool itself for, say, cracks and defects. If you want that done, you will have to hire a professional pool inspector at a cost of around $250.

Ensuring Faultless Properties

There are, then, quite a few things a home inspection won’t tell you about a Metro Detroit Michigan property. That leaves you with two basic options: shell out a bunch of money for the extra inspections or work with a real estate agency known for sound, faultless properties.

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