Why So Many New Builds? Here’s the Scoop

Homebuilders Aren’t Overbuilding, They’re Catching Up You may have heard that there are more brand-new homes available in Michigan right now than the norm. Today, about one in three homes on the market are newly built. And if you’re wondering what that means for the housing market and for your own move, here’s what you need to know. Why This … Continued

Worried about Home Maintenance Costs? Consider This

Worried about Home Maintenance Costs? Consider This If one of the main reasons you’re hesitant to buy a home is because you’re worried about the upkeep, here’s some information you may find interesting on both new home construction and existing homes (a home that’s been lived in by a previous owner). Newly Built Homes Need Less Upfront … Continued

What’s Next for Home Prices and Mortgage Rates?

If you’re thinking of making a move this year, there are two housing market factors that are probably on your mind: home prices and mortgage rates. You’re wondering what’s going to happen next. And if it’s worth it to move now, or better to wait it out. The only thing you can really do is make the best decision you can … Continued

2024 Best Schools in the Detroit Area

Where does your school district rank in Michigan? Check out the list in the link below from Niche ranking the 2024 Best Schools in the Detroit Area. https://www.niche.com/k12/search/best-schools/m/detroit-metro-area/
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