The 6 Best Improvements For Selling Your House In Metro Detroit Michigan

Best Improvements

When it comes time to sell your house, you (naturally) want to get the most money out of it that you can. But you also don’t want to sink more money in it than you can recover at sale time. So not everything you can do to boost its value will be worth the expense. You need to do what is most attractive to buyers and what will ensure a good ROI. Here, then, are the 6 best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan.

1. Improve Energy Efficiency

With today’s energy and environmentally conscious buyers, one of the best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan is to improve or enhance the energy efficiency. In fact, one survey found that most homeowners can realize a 116% return on the costs of adding attic insulation. Typically, whatever you can do to improve energy efficiency will give you more bang for your improvement buck than even a kitchen update.

Another important energy-efficiency improvement is upgrading windows, which costs less than other major improvements. “When you sell, you can recoup around 73% of the costs of upgrading 10 old windows with new ones, and your energy bills will be lower in the time before your move.” Just be sure your agent knows how to market your house accordingly. (Discover more by calling 248-560-7054.)

2. Perform Affordable Kitchen Remodel

For most buyers, the kitchen is the most important and most carefully scrutinized room. After landscaping, a kitchen remodel is the improvement with the biggest payoff. And it doesn’t have to be an enormously expensive major overhaul. In fact, a major kitchen remodel will net you an ROI of 80%, whereas with a minor remodel you’ll see an ROI of 87%.

The idea, then, is just to give the kitchen a facelift by doing such things as upgrading appliances and countertops and installing new cabinet doors and drawers along with new hardware. A minor kitchen remodel is one of the best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan because when the kitchen is updated and looks good, buyers tend to be more forgiving of other areas that may not look as good or are outdated.

3. Overhaul the Bathroom

The bathroom is the second most important room (after the kitchen) for buyers. A bathroom upgrade or minor remodel can get you a 102% ROI. So a bathroom overhaul is one of the best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan because it offers a good ROI without a lot of money having to be invested.

Some of the things you can do include re-grouting tile, installing new toilets and sinks, and replacing old hardware and fixtures. Even minor upgrades like new mirrors and fixtures will do a lot to improve the appearance of bathrooms and make them more appealing to buyers.

4. Spruce Up the Exterior

The outside of your home immensely important because it is that which creates the critical first impression when buyers drive up. So enhancing curb appeal is definitely one of the best improvements you can make. Typically, you can expect to get at least a 100% ROI on landscaping and curb appeal improvements.

Sprucing up your home’s exterior could be something as simple as power washing the siding. Or you could some landscaping and trim painting to further enhance curb appeal. One thing you will certainly want to do is to replace or repaint the front entry door. It costs very little, but a good-looking front door is a major ingredient in creating a great first impression.

5. Paint Where Needed

One of the cheapest of the best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan is painting interior walls where needed. Painting the interior of your home typically yields at least a 109% ROI. And remember that while the walls may look fine to you because you’ve grown accustomed to them, they may not look that way to potential buyers. (It’s probably a good idea to consult your agent on this.)

Another reason (besides dirt and wear) to paint interior walls is to make them more appealing to buyers. Those bright colors you like may, in fact, turn off buyers. So when you paint, be sure to use neutral tones and hues. The idea is to make your home appear as a blank slate that allows buyers to envision your house as their own home.

6. Improve the Floor

The flooring in your house plays a key role in how it comes across to buyers, and improving or upgrading the flooring can have a noticeable impact. According to real estate agent Gina Lipari, “The least expensive thing you can do to get your home ready to sell is a nice coat of neutral paint and either new carpet or flooring. It makes such a difference to buyers, and makes the home look as if it has been maintained nicely.” Many buyers today value hardwood floors, and new hardwood floors can add as much as 2.5% to the sale price.

Hire a Local Agent

These, then, are 6 best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan. There are, of course, many more improvements you can make to get a better price. The trick is figuring what will ensure a solid return on the investment at sale time. That’s exactly what your experienced local agent can help you with.

We have the expertise and are prepared to help you find the best improvements for selling your house in Metro Detroit Michigan. Contact us today by calling 248-560-7054.

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