8 Tips For Keeping Your Furniture Safe When You Move In Metro Detroit Michigan

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about whether your furniture will make it through the move unscathed and intact. Even when you hire reputable movers, you can still do a few things yourself to keep your furniture safe. To ease your mind when you move, here are 8 tips for keeping your furniture safe when you move in Metro Detroit Michigan.

1. Have Packing Supplies on Hand

The first step in keeping your furniture safe when you move inMetro Detroit Michigan occurs before you do any packing or moving. And that is to gather all the packing and moving supplies before you do anything else. When you have furniture pads, moving blankets, dollies, boxes, newspaper, tape, and anything at all you might possibly need all gathered up, everything else will go much more smoothly and safely. Peace of mind begins with preparation.

2. Prep for Packing

The next thing you can do to keep your furniture safe when you move in Metro Detroit Michigan is to prep your furniture for packing and moving. Typically, this will involve cleaning first to remove dust and debris that can cause scratches. Next, you should remove casters, knobs, and pulls to avoid damage to these and to keep them from damaging other pieces of furniture.

3. Pack Well and Carefully

Now will be the time for the actual packing (and, of course, you already have all you packing supplies ready to go). Cover all pieces of furniture with the necessary protective coverings like blankets and pads. Also, to help keep your furniture safe when you move in Metro Detroit Michigan, tape drawers shut whenever feasible.

4. Take Photos

Taking photos won’t actually keep your furniture safe when you move, but it will provide a little insurance. Photos will give movers incentive to take extra care, and they will be proof of original condition in the event something does happen. So it is worthwhile to document the condition of your furniture before the move in order to compare that documentation with the condition of your furniture after the move.

5. Disassemble When Possible

Another way to keep your furniture safe when you move in Metro Detroit Michigan is to disassemble furniture whenever possible. Large pieces are much easier to pack, move, and keep safe when they have been disassembled and converted into several smaller pieces. It can also save you money on the mover’s bill with the tighter packing capabilities afforded.

6. Label It

And if you disassemble furniture, you should label it – because it all has to go back together at some point. This will save time and handling when you get to your destination, and less handling means less opportunity for damage to occur.

7. Measure First

Another easy way to keep your furniture safe when you move is to measure first at your new home. You need to know where to bring larger pieces in so that they won’t get damaged in trying to fit them through a doorway that is too narrow. Measure the furniture and all doorways and hallways before you bring the furniture in.

8. Hire Professional Movers

Professional movers aren’t cheap, but the cost is worth it. They have the experience, they know all the moving hacks, and they have all the necessary equipment and tools to keep your furniture safe during the move. And reputable movers are also insured in case the worst happens. Many of them carry full value protection insurance that includes coverage for repairing or replacing anything that might get damaged.

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