5 Design Tricks To Make A Small Space Look Larger in Your Michigan Home

Make A Small Space Look Larger

Appearance and perception are often far more important than solid reality. In fact, we often try to conform reality to the way we perceive it. So if a space seems bigger, then it almost is in many cases. Whether you’re a home buyer wondering how to make a space feel larger or a seller trying to make smaller rooms appear larger, never fear. Here are 5 design trick to make a small space look larger in your Michigan home.

1. Stay Low

Almost everyone wants taller ceilings, even if they just feel that way because they make rooms feel larger and less confining. Lower furniture will achieve that effect by being closer to the floor and leaving more open space above. In a small bedroom, you could, for example, use a loft bed or even put a mattress right on the floor. For the living room, you could try mid-century pieces, which are generally low to the ground.

2. Keep It Slender and Leggy

Slender, leggy furniture will also help to make a small space look larger in your Michigan home by contributing to an open feel full of movement. Streamlined furniture like this has more open space and obstructs less light to make rooms seem larger, the furniture appearing less bulkily solid, just sort of floating there. Possibilities here include mid-century modern pieces and the soaring butterfly chair.

3. Shrink It

Similarly, you can make a small space look larger in your Michigan home by simply using smaller furniture. When the necessary furniture takes up less space in a room, then the room has to feel larger. The rule of thumb to follow here is that if a piece brushes up against a room’s boundaries on either axis, then that piece is too large. Strive for a roomy feel by leaving space and air between the sides of furniture and walls.

In addition, avoid using heavy, bulky pieces like overstuffed chairs. Instead, opt for sleek, graceful pieces, especially couches and chairs. Not only will they take up less room, but the lighter look will enhance that effect. And keep artwork and décor from taking up space by hanging it on walls instead of placing it on floors.

4. Add Many Mirrors

Adding mirrors to a room is a great way to make a small space look larger. Mirrors reflect light, making a room seem brighter and more open, and they reflect the view, thus conning the eye into seeing more room. Any space that feels more open always seems larger.

5. Jettison Drapes and Rugs

Besides adding mirrors, another way to seduce the eye into seeing more room in a small space is to get rid of heavy drapes, curtains, and rugs. Drapes and curtains are, first of all, just more space-consuming items, and they obstruct the light needed to make a room feel larger. A better choice would be shutters or lightweight blinds. Also, get rid of the rugs because they break up the look of a floor and make it seem smaller.

It really is possible to make a small space look larger in your Michigan home with these design tricks. Just remember:, perception is often more important than the reality, especially when it comes to interior spaces. Just ask any experienced real estate agent. Whether you are buying or selling a home, our experienced real estate professionals can help you out with even more tips and tricks to make your small spaces look and feel much larger.

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